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Bushfire Shutter Information

What is BAL?

BAL stands for Bushfire attack level.  The level varies according to the risk of where your dwelling is.  Your council will nominate the BAL level for your building. 

BAL FZ, BAL 40 and BAL 29 are the common BAL ratings in bushfire risk areas that may require Roller shutters over windows and doors.

In Australia, we love to bring the great outdoors inside with large windows and sliding glass doors. Glass allows massive heat-gain in the summer and enormous heat-loss in the winter. Glass transmits noise. Shutters and louvres allow control of all the elements of the Australian environment that affect the glass in your home.

Shutters offer excellent security when needed. At other times, simply roll them up or slide them away and full view and airflow is restored. Rollashield Shutters provide excellent window security and appreciate the value of your home. Rollashield Shutters serve multiple functions to enhance the comfort of your living.

Whether you use air conditioning,ceiling fans, or evaporative coolers, Rollashield Shutters will reduce the heat getting into the building in the first place. Rollashield Shutters can keep the heat outside and increase the efficiency of existing cooling systems providing significant savings on the costs of cooling your house during the long hot summer.

It doesn’t matter whether you have oil, gas, electric heating or reverse cycle airconditioning, Rollashield Shutters will increase the efficiency of whatever heating system you have and provide significant savings on your winter fuel bills.

You would be amazed at the amount of noise that is transmitted through the windows of your house. Rollashield shutters can reduce the noise of aircraft, traffic, neighbours, lawnmowers, etc. by up to 50%, depending on the materials of the building. They not only quieten the room but also eliminate light and glare through the windows.

Rollashield Perforated Shutters provide excellent ventilation while still filtering the light and reducing the heat by up to 90%.

Rollashield Shutters have a range of modern colours to choose from to match, contrast or even highlight features of your house. Rollashield Shutters on the outside of your windows can spare window coverings on the inside. Rollashield shutters provide insulation and also protect your expensive carpets, rugs and furnishings near the windows from Ultra Violet (UV) deterioration.

Rollashield BAL 29 shutters are made to a maximum width of 3000mm. BAL 40 extruded aluminium profile can be used up to 7.7 metres wide and  BAL FZ to 5.7 m wide.  

Rollashield shutters are rated to Australian Standards to resist category 3 cyclones. These tests were conducted by James Cook University in North Queensland

Roller shutters can be manual, operated from inside or outside or electrically operated and integrated with most electronic operating systems. Consider connections to smoke sensors automatically operating the roller shutters to protect your home in the event of a bushfire or to satisfy council requirements to limit fire-spread from within the premises to adjoining properties.

Every order is custom made to provide the best look and the best fit. All aluminium components of the shutters are powder coated to our exacting standards providing excellent bonding and UV resistance.

In 2019, CSIRO tested and passed our BAL FZ-82 shutter with a standard window to the new AS1530.8.2 2018 standard. In 2010 the CSIRO successfully tested our Extruded Aluminium Bushfire Shutter and gave it a BAL40 rating under Australian Standard AS3959-2009. Previously Slimline style Roller Shutters achieved a BAL29 rating.
Rollashield Shutters are very effective in preventing combustion of internal fittings such as curtains, drapes and furniture because they protect the glass from exploding and stop the heat being radiated and magnified through the glass.

Rollashield Shutters stop sparks and embers from entering the building through broken windows and can be electrically or manually operated. The operation of the shutters is important. Connecting to a smoke alarm and automation of the shutters should be considered.

Bushfire shutters can be ascetically pleasing and a functional, practical addition to your home. Make the right choice and enjoy the benefits of Rollashield Shutters.

BAL 29- A great choice of standard colours only.
BAL 40 – A great choice of standard colours, or any dulux powder coat colour.
BAL FZ – ‘NEW’ Stainless Steel Shutter

Rollashield Bushire Shutters do comply with AS 3959-2009:

Be fixed to the building and non-removable
When in the closed position, have no gap greater than 3mm between the shutter and the wall, sill or the head.
Be readily manually operable from either inside or outside
Protect the entire window or door assembly
Consist of materials specified in clauses 5.5.1, 6.5.1, 7.5.1, 8.5.1 and 9.5.1 for the relevant BAL
Where perforated have uniformly distributed perforations with a maximum aperture of 3mm when the shutter is providing radiant heat protection or 2mm when the shutter is also providing ember protection
A perforated area no greater than 20% of the shutter.

We provide information, advice, installation certificates and quotes. We work with you to achieve a complying solution in bush fire situations.

Rollashield Shutters are zero maintenance. An occasional hose is all they need. Physical abuse of the product or fair wear and tear may result in servicing of the roller shutter. We do Provide after sales service.

We are proud Rollashield is a family run business and now in its 34th year of designing, manufacturing and installing shutters in Australia. We are constantly improving our range of products to offer the best product on the market. Rollashield has won three Australian Design Awards for product excellence.  We also have the most effective BAL FZ roller shutter available.

Our product range includes domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We provide and install louvres cycle rated, roller shutters for all applications, and garage door roller shutters to maximise the head room space in your garage.

We are members of the HIA, Master Locksmiths Association of NSW and Australian Business Limited (formerly Chamber of Manufacturers of NSW).
Builder’s Licence: 4058C.
Master Security Licence: 000101443


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