Custom Made Shutters

For premium custom-made shutters, rely on the experts at Rollashield. Custom-made shutters from Rollashield are loved by Sydney home owners for their insulation properties saving money on energy bills. They’ll effectively keep out the heat in summer and keep it in during winter.

With over three decades of experience, we specialize in providing the best roller shutter to suit your needs in homes, shops, office, apartments, hotels, hospitals, sporting grounds and businesses, Sydney . Custom-made shutters are effective at keeping out ambient noise, weather, protecting your home from bushfire , storms, intruders and, of course, serving as one of the best home security solutions available.

We have a huge range of custom-made shutters offering the highest level of protection for your home, shop or office providing a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family. Our custom-made shutters are the sure choice when it comes to privacy and security. Custom made shutters can incorporate master control operation so all your shutters can be operated with a push of a button.

So if you are considering custom-made shutters, Sydney locals can call the experts at Rollashield Shutters today on (02) 9792 2001..

Custom made Rollashield Security Shutters

Every roller shutter is custom made and individually built for our clients to suit their needs.

Split counter top shutters are practical and versatile.

Shutters are made in our Sydney factory for multiple purposes including:

  • Security
  • Storm protection
  • Bushfire Protection
  • Light blockout
  • Keep heat in – reduce your heating costs in Winter
  • Keep heat out – reduce your Air conditioning running costs in Summer
  • Noise reduction
  • Privacy
  • Enhancing the appearance of your home or shop
  • Security with ventilation
  • Security with vision
  • Protect leaking windows and doors
  • Restricting access between areas
  • Creating Indoor /Outdoor areas
  • Enclosing utility areas

Rollashield Shutters have been trading for nearly 30 years and will design the most suitable roller shutter required. Call 9792 2001.


Ph: (02) 9792 2001